Aluminium Fabrication

Handcrafted Aluminium Marine Fittings

Gary Knott Stainless Marine Services manufacture a wide range of fittings from marine grade and structural grade alloy in tubular or sheet form.

We manufacture a wide range of marine, industrial and domestic fittings using marine grade aluminium.

During manufacture we only use marine grade alloy and all our fittings are polished to a natural finish, anodised or powder coated to resist the harsh and
corrosive marine environment.

All bow rails are constructed from 25mm x 3mm alloy tubing and so too are stern rails, stanchions and most other types of tubular work.

Larger diameter sizes may be used when required or when specified by the client.

Gary Knott Stainless Marine Services are more than happy to quote and complete projects to suit specific customer requirements.

aluminium fabrication

marine aluminium fabrication

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