Aluminium Marine Fuel Tanks

Handcrafted Aluminium Marine Fuel Tanks

Gary Knott Stainless Marine Services manufacture a wide range of fuel tanks from marine grade and structural grade alloy in tubing and sheet form.

Many people blame aluminum for being an unsuitable material for fuel tanks. Actually, it’s not. All materials have their strengths and weaknesses, and the problem associated with aluminum tanks lie with the incorrect installation, not the material itself.

Properly made and installed, aluminum tanks will usually outlast the life of the boat.

marine fuel tanks

Crevice Corrosion
Here’s the question that many ask. How do you install an aluminum fuel tank so that it doesn’t corrode and leak? Fuel tanks don’t corrode because they get wet; they corrode because at some point something is in contact with the tank that traps water between it and the tank. For example, the original foam that it was installed with.

Aluminum is self-protecting, so long as the surface gets adequate air exposure. Severe corrosion is always caused by water plus a lack of oxygen. Metallurgic ally, this is known as "crevice corrosion," and the key is to eliminate all the points (crevices) that trap water. As long as the aluminum has a good airflow around all surfaces, contact with water will not damage it.

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